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League Maps
Download Bubble Gum (Knighty)

A relatively simple 2-12 player league map, Bubble Gum plays similar to a BubbleK2, and is about the same size. As an added challenge, some of the flag points are not quite inside the base!

Download Bubble Kombat2 (TBWA)

A great 4-12 player map that was made by one of the best clans in ARC/Spark history. Although the map can hold more than 12 players, it is still mainly considered a league map.

Download Cold (RC)

A desolate 8-28 player league map with three flags, this frozen wasteland is a grim battlefield, but a necessary outpost to gain if your faction is ever to profit from Spark's treasure and emerge victorious.

Download EssentialV2 (oTaCon)

A fun 2-8 player action pact map created by the one and only oTaCon. It's closed walls set great bouncie shots, especially the unique lower part of the map. Although it is smaller than GO, it still provides as much skill!

Download Golden Oldie (JV)

An 8-16 player league map, Golden Oldie (GO) is the preferred map for most leagues. Many iterations have been created; this is the version used in the 1999 APL.

Download k3 (Odoacer)

A well-rounded 8-16 player map created by Odoacer that incorporates colored flags in a new style of league map. It is truly one of Odoacer's best maps!

Download League Map (Wicked)

One of the original league maps, made in 1999. This 2-team league map with two neutral flags has a good mix of open areas, choke points, and territorial gameplay, all rolled into one.

Download SiD's Ultimate Map (Wicked)

A slightly larger remake of BubbleK2, this 2-team map has two neutral flags. Each team has to outsmart the other just long enough to grab the flag out from their base and escape with it.

Flag Maps
Download 4c2k2 (-[Quake]- & Zer0)

A remix of the original favorite by -[Quake]-, 4c2k2 is a 4-24 player flag map. Tightly interwoven, this remix of 4corners is constantly fraught with danger as well. Caution mixed with boldness is the key.

Download 4corners (-[Quake]-)

A 4-24 player flag map with four neutral flags. Tightly interwoven upon itself, this complicated map is constantly fraught with danger. Use a delicate balance of equal parts caution and boldness.

Download ArcShards (Nana)

A very colorful flag map that includes a 'Jail' in each base, teleporters to the center of the map, and belts all around the outside! This map is also used to test out graphic patches.

Download ArcShardsDX (Nana and AMD)

A remix of the flag map ARC Shards, this map is just as colorful, but adds to the gameplay the ability to pilot ships outside the map, and to teleport to the back corner of teams' bases!

Download Backlash (r3m3mBrandt)

A 2-28 player flag map with four neutral flags. Use the conveyer belts to your advantage, or go around back, and steal your enemies' flags before they know what hit them.

Download Basewarz (schtooped)

A 4-24 player flag map with four neutral flags, with the beginning of the game involving a suicide flag rush, this is one of the most popular and well-crafted maps to date.

Download Bashildy's World (Bashildy)

An oldie-but-goodie flag map; very popular back in the day! Fight your way to mid, pick up both flags, and bring them to base! Don't lose them to the enemy, they are very hard to get back!

Download Battleground (JV)

An epic 8-24 player battleground on which turf many tournaments have been held, even to this very day; this classic map is truly a universe from the good old days!

Download Bouncy Ball (Weebo)

An interesting mix between Soccer and regular flag maps, this one requires that each team grab the center neutral flag and push it to a marked delivery point deep inside the enemy's base.

Download Can vs. USA (Pharcyde)

A bleak 8-24 player warzone with two colored flags per team. And so the war between the two greatest nations on the North American continent continues...

Download Canadian Bacon (flip)

An 8-32 player flag map with two colored flags. Riddled with choke points, this map is a disaster for blind rushers, but a gold mine for players with patience and steady aim.

Download Castle Rock (Knighty)

A fun asymmetrical flag map with two neutral flags. This map plays top-to-bottom, like not a lot of maps do, and has multiple choices for pathways you can take into the enemy base.

Download Castlewars (FUF & Jetflee)

An 8-24 player flag map with four neutral flags. Use the conveyer belts to your advantage, or go around back, and steal your enemies' flags before they know what hit them.

Download ClassicARC (Fuzzy)

A 2-10 player flag map that uses colored flags. This map is similar in design to BubbleK2, but plays in an inverted 'S' shape with multiple avenues of attack into the enemy base.

Download Conflict (RC)

An 8-16 player flag map with two colored flags. Claim the riches of the planet for your faction. Perilously traverse Spark's rough terrain and brutally destroy all opposition.

Download Crowded (oTaCon)

A 2-12 map in which the goal is to push the neutral flag to the opponents base. The map surely does get crowded when everyone is rushing for the flag. Cover your teammates and cap that flag!

Download Cyber (Knighty)

An very quick'n'dirty flag map with one neutral flag and lots of chaotic action! Don't let the other team get the flag near their base, or it'll be nearly impossible to recover it!

Download Deadlock (r3m3mBrandt)

A 4-16 player flag map with two flags. This is the War for Eden. The central area is treacherous, but a mindful team with a solid strategy will break the deadlock, secure the flags, and defeat the enemy.

Download Fister (Sierra)

A small and very popular flag map built with cramped conditions, bunkers, teleporters into each other's bases, and one flag for both teams to fight to the death over!

Download Flerg (Weebo)

A very large flag map with 3 neutral flags. Red base is more cramped than green base, but one flagholder is also closer to the back of their base, making it easier to defend.

Download Flip's World (flip)

A crazy awesome 4-team colored-flag map with very cramped base entrances that are very hard to penetrate! All of the bases revolve around the one central hub in the center.

Download Killer Nipple Attack (flip)

A simplistic 2-team flag map with two colored flags. A few bridges allow for extra movement through the map, but some chokepoints to restrict your enemy's movement exist as well.

Download Knightmare (Knighty)

A 4-team flag map with only 2 neutral flags! Get out of your base as quickly as possible, cross the block tiles through the narrow choke points, and capture both of the flags before your enemies can!

Download Madwars (Zyber)

A fun 8-24 player flag map, this original warzone was built to accommodate large conflicts and multiple styles of gameplay. Enjoy complete mayhem on this classic battlefield.

Download Madwars Mini (RC)

A 4-12 player flag map with four colored flags, this is a faithful remake of the original Madwars, scaled down to maximize frequency of conflict, and probability of laser and grenade damage.

Download Quimby (RC)

A fun 4-32 player flag map with four neutral flags and four colored flags. Victory will not come easily. This map takes a previously unprecedented amount of teamwork to prevail in the face of your enemies.

Download SiegeWarfare (Graktorn and Nana)

Four teams. Four castles. Four moats. Four courtyards. Four colored flags. Battle through the forests and storm the castles of your enemies, stealing their flags for your own glory!

Download Small (JV)

Contrary to its name, this is actually a rather large map. A rather old one at that. Two teams fight over terrain to establish superiority, and to capture the enemy's colored flags.

Download Smear da Queer (Sierra)

A very hectic 4-24 player flag map, this little giant is one of the most-played maps in the history of ARC. Its strength is in its simplicity and in its unrelenting production of rampant chaos.

Download Soccer (Tadija & Ragnar)

A 4-16 player flag map modeled after a soccer field. The objective of this game type is simple: carry the flag into the enemy base; but new strategies must be adopted to succeed.

Download SpaceJam (Fuzzy)

A relatively small 2-team flag map with two colored flags. Space is an important part of this map, and you must cross the void to attack the enemy!

Download Spaghetti (flip)

An 8-32 player map which is an absolutely insane maze of walls, bunkers, bridges, and passageways, this map will never deliver the same gameplay twice!

Download Starwars (flip)

A 2-16 player flag map that is skillfully crafted for both the beginner and the expert alike. It does a great job at promoting skill without sacrificing playability or enjoyment.

Download StrongHolds (Graktorn)

A 4-24 player flag map with 4 bases, completely outfitted with bunkers. Because of the strength of the bases, it can be extremely hard to cap but nevertheless just as fun!

Download Syzygy (Nana)

An 8-64 player castle-themed flag map complete with moats, towers, forts, prisons and more! Be sure to bring a large party and sufficient knowledge of the map.

Download Techwars (RC)

A hectic 4-24 player flag map with four neutral flags. Destroy the weapons factories of your enemies and protect your own! Be careful, if your technology is stolen, the Spark Wars will be lost!

Download TheCrossing (Graktorn)

A 4-24 player flag map with 2 central flags and well fortified bases. It is important to capture the flags at the beginning of each round as they will be hard to retrieve later.

Download TurnPike10 (Wise)

A 4-20 player flag map filled with traps and easily reversible positions. Don't let the enemy gain control of your base, or it will be very hard to gain it back!

Download Winter Time (Knighty)

A medium sized 2-team flag map with two neutral flags. Battle back and forth across the terrain, and attempt to penetrate into the enemy base and secore their flag for your own team!

Download World War 3 (SleepyBE)

A classic 4-32 player map that has been played for years. The war continues to this day without a winner. Try to enter the enemy's base and camp them. Can you win?

Frag Maps
Download 9FlagsDeatho (Gold & oTaCon)

An amazing, huge deatho based off the map 9-Flags. The authors decided to make it a frag map instead. The best number of players would be 16-64, but the more players, the better!

Download BitsandPieces (Graktorn)

A fun, unique 4-team frag map with obstacles littered around the dark and uninviting landscape. Stick close with your teammates, or be destroyed in the crossfire of enemy lasers!

Download Deathomatic (BF)

A 4-64 player map which was one of the first frag maps back on Sierra. It's great for last man standing mode or dueling.

Download Duels Con Queso (Fuzzy)

An incredible 3-32 player map that consists of 3 teams. Fuzzy's purpose of creating the map was for dueling. If you ever want to do a 3-way duel, definitely choose this one!

Switch Maps
Download Beef3 (Delivery)

This 4-14 player map was one of the first switch maps ever to hit ARC. It is a great newbie map if you are trying win or get unbelieveable stats. Beef3 will certainly improve your judgement of bombs!

Download Checkers (Graktorn)

A small 2-team switch map that's modeled after a checkers board. Play goes from top to bottom, and there are four switches that your team (or the enemy) must traverse the board to flip!

Download Civil War (Knighty)

A pseudo symmetric 2-team switch map with multiple bunkers, bridges, and spawning pens that you can shoot out of! Cross the bridges into the enemy base, vying to control all 6 switches!

Download Glitch (flip)

Glitch is a great 6-24 player map that has perfect symmetry. Flip claims it is a remake of Canada vs. United States, so he gives credit to Pharcyde.

Download Hectic (SooSick)

This 4-switch map lives up to its name! You must constantly dodge to advance on enemy pilots. There are two distinct areas of the map to teleport between. You can also spawn amonst the enemy!

Download Light Switch (Knighty)

Get turned on! Four teams must battle it out in this extremely small map to dominate all five switches in a flurry of lasers and shrapnel. Don't expect to live very long!

Download PushN2 (Gold)

A 4-10 player switch map that is dedicated to the memory of Beef3. Gold enjoyed playing Beef3, but it seemed impossible to win. This winnable map was his conclusion.

Download Take and Hold (Fuse)

A fast-paced 4-10 player Switch map based off of Waffle Assassin. As the name implies, you must capture and control the valuable objectives if you wish to win!

Download Tic-Tac-Toe (Weebo)

The frantic gameplay on this very tiny map takes after its name, but uses switches instead! Outsmart your opponents and flip all the switches; there will be no cat's game here!

Download Twitch (Sierra)

Twitch is a perfectly balanced map that will make you hungry to win. Looking at it, you may think it's difficult to win. It's pen time will make you think otherwise.

Race Maps
Download SRL-E-Grounds (Gold)

A shorter, easier race map by Gold that takes only a few minutes to complete. This map is a great starting spot for blossoming new racers to test their skills against other racers!

Download SRL-E-Spiral (SingleThreat)

A solid new map by SingleThreat, Spiral is a racing map that caters to less experienced racers. Follow the forest trail and try to find the way out, but take care or you'll find yourself going in circles!

Download SRL-H-GoldRush (Gold)

An entirely original race map by Gold. A well-rounded, fun race track, and a crowd favorite. There are many kinds of challenging obstacles and traps, and this track is amazingly crafted!

Download SRL-H-PrisonBreak (Gold)

You've been locked in prison as long as you can remember. But you have broken out of your cell and are eager to see the light of day again! Navigate the twists and turns of the prison to escape to freedom!

Download Swift (Weebo, Warr and Wackokid)

The Golden Oldie of racing maps, Swift has been around for years and years, created long ago by the sage racers of our age. Tested by the sands of time, this is still the most popular race map to date.

Assassin Maps
Download Cold Assassin (RC)

A desolate 8-28 player assassin map. This frozen wasteland is a grim battlefield, pitting you against the enemy president in a battle for the right to all of Spark's treasures.

Download HerbShop Assassin (Mitch)

A 4-12 player map, which was made by MitchStayHigh is loved by Sparkers everywhere. Bouncie or missile your opponents to drive them bonkers and put them in the pen!

Download Mega Assassin (Gold & Ominous)

A 4-24 player name that provides 100% skill. Are you ready to work with your team, spreading your way to victory? Don't forget to dodge!

Download Squares2 Assassin (Jacs)

The Golden Oldie of 4-team assassin maps. The dual bridges connecting each base and the randomizing warps constucted by Jacques complete this masterpiece.

Download Waffle Assassin (Fuse)

This 4-20 player map is great for defence and dodging those bouncies if you are elected the president. You may need teamwork and luck if the 3 other teams are ganging up on you!

Mission Impossible Maps
Download Gold-MI (Gold)

Do you have what it takes to survive Gold's first and easiest Mission Impossible map? If you CAN complete this, you are better than 80% of Spark at Mission Impossible maps. Good Luck!

Download Gold-MI_2 (Gold)

Do you have what it takes to survive a Mission Impossible? Can you beat this strenuous map without falling off the edge? If you CAN complete this, you are better than 90% of Spark at Mission Impossible maps.

Download Gold-MI_3 (Gold)

Do you have what it takes to survive this 3rd MI? Can you beat this difficult map without falling off the edge? If you can, you are better than 92% of Spark at Mission Impossible maps. Good Luck!

Download Gold-MI_4 (Gold)

Do you have what it takes to survive Gold's 4th MI map? He's only seen a few Sparkers accomplish it. If you can complete this map, you are better than 99% of Spark at Mission Impossible maps.

Bouncy Golf Maps
Download BouncyGolf1 (Odoacer)

The goal of this map is to get your bouncies into the colored bunker. The less shots you take, the better your score will be. Destroy the map and attempt to get a score of 18!

Download Wave's Golf Club (Wave)

Wave evolved the bouncy golf society. He made three separate courses, one for each difficulty level: Light, Medium, and Heavy. There is also a Putting course to practice your skills!

Village Maps
Download ARCVillage (Err0r)

The very first village was the ARC Village created by Err0r in 2001. At the time of its creation, it was the one and only Online Game Village. But with the creation of SparkVillage by Gold, that boast isn't so true anymore!

Download SparkVillage2010 (Gold)

This map was dedicated to Err0r's first village map. Gold wanted to try something new and make Spark more interesting, and this is what resulted. The maximum map space wasn't accompished because of the lack of players in the Spark community.

Other Maps
Download Alamo (MuzzleBait)

This 8-32 player map is one of a kind. The goal of the map is for green it defend its base while red attempts to conquer it. The team that can defend its base the longest wins!

Download Arc City (LordBob)

This may be the most creative map to date. Every square LordBob made is different and unique. You may play it for the creativity or trying to get those 4 flags to your base. Don't get lost!

Download Cage (Sierra)

This 4-64 map is intense! You have to stay alive for 120 seconds. Once you spawn and are free from the horrific cage, you can camp all want.

Download Hold&Carry2010 (oTaCon)

A 2-12 player map that consists of switches and a flag. To win, a team must Hold the four switches in the middle, at the same time as Carrying the neutral flag into the enemy base, and victory!