We proudly present: Spark Maps!

We proudly present: Spark Maps!

Spark Realm and Gold are proud to introduce: Spark Maps!

Spark Maps is a collaborative effort between a few Sparkers in the community who were sick of not having a place that listed all of the good maps that people were trying to find! There were a few places that had excellent map selections, for instance, Spark Stuff, Spark Realm, arc.opious.net, and there were even a few others. But one of the key things that all of the 'exhaustive Spark Map Directory' sites lacked was that it was impossible to tell which any of the maps were until you opened it and saw for yourself, which essentially made trying to find a map that you hadn't seen in years a very long and tedious task, made nearly impossible if you didn't know what it was called.

Spark Maps changes all that, because we have mapshots (overview images) of each and every single map on our site. We also have a description of every map on here, so even if you don't want to click each of the mapshot links, you can still read about each map and decide if it's what you're looking for!

We are really excited that this has finally come about, after months of scouring all of the exhaustive map sites for the best maps, and choosing some of the best ones. We have uploaded an initial selection of 84 maps for our visitors to browse through on their first visit, but there are hundreds more maps to come, and we are working on implementing quite a few features yet! So really, the best is yet to come, and this is only the beginning! We are proud of the hard work we've done, and we hope we've made each and every one of your lives just a little bit easier!

So for all of us on the Spark Maps staff, I'll say: Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

Now go check out the maps!